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In the Illinois General Assembly eliminated a listing
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a half inches in diameter. That portion of the tumor
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we may not be conscious of it the average amount in twenty
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because as shown in Fig. such a lesion always involves the
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causes see p. iron and plenty of nourishing food in connection with
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losis phthisiophobia has subjected the tuberculous individual to se
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passed it was of high specific gravity contained numer
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nurse who gave the patient a shake whereupon she started
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irritation during the period prior to abscess formation
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The TREATMENT of varioloid does not claim separate consideration. The
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of a midwife at in the afternoon of her sixth child. There was
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that of tailor might also be a predisposing factor.
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ing the head against a wall. Some animals perish in this state others
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tion. Kotwithstanding this much larger proportion of
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let the doubled blanket remain as it is and tuck up the
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If one follows the after histories of cases of exophthal

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