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right somewhat more anterior than the left hence the left kidney

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application one pole had been placed over the eyelid and

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of mortality in hospital cases. It has also been claimed

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Nothing inspires confidence in a business man sooner than

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influence of liquor under peculiar circumstances and is said

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of such College or other Institution. Provided always that

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of the particle. Particles which can still be seen under the microscope

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Here was a patient whose blood had been depraved organs

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to regard these phenomena as indications of a fatal issue I

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the cheek the poetry of life would be lost and life itself would

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Emergency air evacuation operations also got under way in India Burma.

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pungency is gone is less irritating to the parched mouth and

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erty which varies in proportion to the osmotic pressure of the dissolved

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tirely successful. A cursory glance at the Lehmann books

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The onset is so gradual that pathological investigation in the early stages is

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able therapeutic action on meningeal lesions. That cer

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lost flesh rapidly. After her dischaige she remained for a

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to induce general and particularly nervous debility and its

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sertion of the tendo Achilles is torn away from the

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sources of this complaint thus it is seen especially in retro nasal

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as it is caufed by the increafed motions of the capillary veffels

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COMMVNICATIONS are invited from all parts of the world.

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case of tetanus following operation. In this case a trache

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To nilcy had any want of control over himself. He always

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arms presented herself at the Hospital on the morning of

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gangrenous but had usually proven fatal. Enterostomy

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son estimates that chronic ulcer was the starting point

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forceps from a pipette carefully drop the staining solu

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lesions are of a syphilitic nature arsenobenzol may

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The injection into the front passage of six quarts of water as

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taining to the normal life of the organism. This view is supported

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or simply act as a ferment under certain circumstances

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the people and also of the best method of securing it.

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suppurative inflammations of the pelvis of the kidney

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Romans did fo is evident from Virgil redit in praecordia

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with blood but if you can press the whole together so as gradually

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These beneficial effects of the seton are not sufficient to produce

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is efficacious. After a few seconds or minutes it varies

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The word ordinary in the seventh column means that the

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and he refers the absence of inflammatory appearances in post

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