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justifiable. Nonbeveled flaps which were partially self re

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infiltrated and cedematous presenting the appearance

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Ramdohr C. a. Von remarks on extra uterine pregnancy

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pass caudad in the brain wall are accompanied by slender elon

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revoke charters and should exercise a restrictive in

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to add that I have seen original observations made by my dis

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of course always appreciated by the tenant. It is in line with this

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lesions to any appreciable extent materially hastens recur

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Dr. Roy Norton Rocky Mount I think that all of us in health

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This evil the effects of which are highly detrimental

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nized the theory and ractice of Dr. Lewis A. Sayre

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such as would never have been detected if the main epidemic had

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trails the recorded height and two others one a half

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In these last three cases it was impossible to examine the glands

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into it with scrapings from the epidermis for the bacteria which have

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work there killing about twenty five and wounding many more. The

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states or stages as follows first of depression second of vas

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gree as to render her permanently somewhat lame of one leg

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mal membrane nor is Dr. Bishop treating normal mem

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found to be of a functional nature purely temporary

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is highly flattering and shows the confidence which

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produce the physiological and even the toxical effects of the drug.

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ence of any tumor. Secondly the continued absence of symptoms of

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friction. The pains of chloralism have been described as though

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Convulsions in infancy and childhood must always be considered as a

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his pulse was difficult to count about and. his temperature.

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existed and a woman suggesting such a thing as a medical education and

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certain that the herpes was due to gastrointestinal in

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but they extended from the base along the aorta and were

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of ether using as little of the anesthetic as possible im

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gestation and with some until the period of quicken

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