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intestinal loops occupying the umbilical and K ft lumbar

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good practice. Will be sold on accommodating terms.

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saw one instance in which rupture occurred evidently near the root of the

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from the time of beginning treatment or as soon as the animal

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tubercular and cancerous cachexia. Congenital hydrocephalus is due to

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of spontaneous recovery and they should be included in the group of false

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which pass between the colmnnar cells of the epithehmn and

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can only be the n. pi. of an adjective Peristaminius

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The polynuclear cells originate in the bone marrow and for this

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and tissues. It has also recently been shoAvn that the activity of trypsin

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period for the return of the paroxysm. It is therefore safer to give

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members of the Baltimore City Medical Society. The endeavor met with

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sel and guards and to lay such restrictions on the entrance

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insidiously. The patient will often first complain of numbness

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very cold water given internally to calm febrile heat.

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sistance. The vagina being irrigated with carbolic water

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ba.scd upon a resolution of last Congress. Papers should

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yea was yea and his nay was nay and yet there was no

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made in the development of our hospitals and such im

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and metals that it is very probable when the corpufcles of both come

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noticed was a plaster placed upon that part of the body

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allowed to transgress their time limit i.e. the period

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In the ordinary case after a varying period of complete reaction of

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in the paper referred to it is stated that the sores were healed

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and feeble from themselves and to turn them with interest to outward

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A few months later I read by special permission before the New

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able. In the first place the Medical Inspectors appointed by

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lieve the pain. Each month just as it was time for her

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laboratory instruction in Chemistry Histology Pathology

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