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museum more than three times the number of rare and

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for ins ance the milk diet a complete change in diet

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mined to fix his residence in London he had meditated to

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tory of sudden onset whether following injury or not

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suggested. Simple removal of the pus is not curative.

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Vitreous very cloudy especially the right fundus not seen.

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Gilliland all of Tennessee. The evening address was delivered

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will lie upon the end of the tube and obstruct it thus

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zinc the preparations of arsenic and antimony and several

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was brought at once to the hospital. He was quite conscious

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method of treatment. Still more likely the different

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ing I was unable to approximate the peritoneal surface

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son to believe that if inoculation does not protect

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and that they are not obliged to compete with younger or

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Ooarian Abscesses. Dr. Armstrong exhibited the specimens

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was dealing with a genuine epidemic. The occurrence of

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histological methods. This ganglion is situated just outside the

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and intensely it is true but at times the tic is still

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ance with the rules and r ulations adopted by this Board and

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Chemically the lime used in the preparation is called

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in tlie uterine annexa. This inflammation may cause tumors in

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an injudicious adminiftration of the bark among others the curious may confult

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other causes but even if the attachments of an organ are

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lieved that there was some other factor or factors at work besides the

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brance the higher Belf denying precept of our profession

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t This term is used advisedly because there are observed differences

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preinjection temperatures. It is also equally essential to guard

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which occurred in man. S This epizootic disease was

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carbonate as It contains acetic acid. Ammonium chloride

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captured all their artillery camp equipage and supplies valued at

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