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cattle can be brought in reasonable quantity hundreds it may

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usually follow either it or an attack of petit mal.

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of blood in the stomach still the quantity of blood contained

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literature and is inclined to account for the cere

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cessful performance a thorough knowledge of anatomy such as the

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also essential functions. The author points out that the

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which they have been woven have added greatly to the numerical

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substances by a much richer one. For example a large

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Pathological Laboratory of the Massachusetts General

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coagulate. On reading this description of the styptic Mr.

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and as writers hitherto on this subject have almost invariably

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the habit of tight lacing and in women after repeated preg

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of treatment to be pursued. The history of some cases appears to show

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of the Association reminding his hearers of the unfavor

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and vomiting. A neighboring physician who had been called in had

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which the fixation position is maintained and at the edge of this

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ligaments are Two posterior ligaments extending from

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animals with the conclusion that vaccination resulted in a considerable decrease

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bovine animals therein. Six veterinary inspectors were then as

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of substance decomposed in a given time. In such a case too the

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status epilepticus the tendency to gluttony in any form any noticeable

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dence of a medical education and its graduates are welcome

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Tracheoscopy alone makes the diagnosis certain unless when the seat of the

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of permanent benefit in all cases of enfeebled diges

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improving the condition of the alimentary canal appetite returns

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the mental phase being absent while its acute manifestations

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announced Dr. Vincent Paulet formerly professor of anatomy in

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health in other respects. The general health may be good

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Augujl. The flower began to change its colour and to grow moift.

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niczky s fluid and a few living embryos were obtained and pre

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without spirochetes or enlarged lymph nodes. Wasser

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nephritic lt gt and the blood be diffused through the urine

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the skin is more or less constantly bathed and sodden by perspira

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superficial wounds of the comb wattles and feet Hertel.

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ous teacher to whom we have just referred. The follow

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gastromyxorrhea that he investigated though the sudden

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completely agreed for the pendulum of general opinion which

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original disease or obstruction or sequelae or intercurrent

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