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Its color is bluish white the fresh surface has con
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come up to the same uniform.standard of professional attainments
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sideration often leads to the patient taking less food
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Remarks. Although but very few people may engage in the manufacture
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a second test in which the maximum dilution for agglutination
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The peculiarity of distribution of the disease in the British Islands
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Neither recorded facts nor my own clinical observations show any decided
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that the orbicularis palpebrarum and the muscles about the t keep that
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was often an exceedingly difficult one. He thought there was no
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moderately sw ollen. In some cases hemorrhages and catarrhal
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Hall saw a case that had been treated as mountain fever
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and who showed the disease in a day or two after his arrival.
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of appendicitis made by several surgeons and again
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rash having the characteristics of that described in
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he will not eafily prove that in every cafe any luch endeavour inwards
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Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals
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tural lesions perceptible to our senses and may without any
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The same course is here followed except that after the ro
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more consistent in its views of the same water from
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the deaths from fever at Brimstone Hill St. Kitts were
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an ordinary non suppurative inflammation of any struc
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place with newly formed connective tissue cells and capillaries and
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more important as it was better understood. At the pres
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and to this end recommended the wound to be injected with
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will be no examination until December next. The reason generally
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ber says of the pathology of paralysis agitans that there is first
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aggressiveness pugnacity are a few of the manifestations of this
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Practical Essay on Typhous Fever. This wonderful man a true pioneer
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of infantile paralysis and manifesting itself in the most
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be prominent and the solitary follicles in the large and small bowel may
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A year ago last spring a beautiful young girl was brought to
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gastroenterostomy in which he declared that there has been no
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into a bronchus causing pneumonia miliary turerculosis
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deaths another of five cases with five deaths a mor
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Dr. Brewer s explanation of these peculiar and annoying
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admirable translation. It is a work of great merit and
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cases as early as the third day but nausea is present
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Case. A laborer aged twenty eight was admitted into
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thern climates. However having purpofely hung out a glafs bottle Ol
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be it is nevertheless associated with a chronic and
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Enabling legislation for copayments also included in this bill limited physi
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heart or from secondary mitral insufficiency the pulse becomes feeble and

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