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are due to the ameba coli the relation ordinarily existing between

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fluorescent pigment. The Bacillus cyanogenus a motile Gram

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early stages ectropion resulting and the conjunctiva

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walls and simple and easily cleaned furniture. There

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speedy reformation in Vienna. Among the most zealous

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mares which had been placed upon a quarantined ranch last

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death was haemorrhage from the superior mesenteric artery

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the meantime the constitution of the patient rapidly gives way

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Osteopaths. Practice exempted by law. Itinerant vend

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a fatal auto intoxication or septicemia. The harmful effects noted by some

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obtaining a good and cheap stock food is an exceedingly important one in

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used. The first principle in the treatment of mechanical ileus is to

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and tlae papers on Cholera and Bacteriology already noticed

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ously and also after every ingestion of nourishment. The bowels were still

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well the avenues to their hearts and by all means never to allow

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invading microbe out of all comparison the most valu

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the knowledge and the application of which are best

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the temperatures are again taken every two hours. If there is no

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blindness in any person. They all agreed that the drug

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an eminent lawyer and his wife and of a school teacher the father

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Messrs. Alexander Allison Strathhaven John Bncl Ioy Cork James

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may result amp om some local condition in the bladder or urethra. Here

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of the soft tissues favor inflammatory invasion of the surrounding

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skin papers containing the outlines of the internal structures should

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ounces. It was again stopped and the bandage firmly

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organic life in the habit of accommodating itself to change and

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It was rather more active than choline in causing a fall Exper. .

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of Health cares for its tuberculosis patients in build

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tised if all remedies at least all active remedies especially

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age she looks charming as when the rose of youth first

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succes sors in a way to make them better than ourselves. Let

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grave with an operation the best statistics of which rield

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countries for notice in this department of tin JoUEtfAL.

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tremdy rare occwrrences and am by no means convinced of de

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Dr. Byford in his last chapter treats of uterine displace

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the case death rate. It has been estimated at under per cent.

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