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he became very restless slight twitchings of the facial muscles and
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constituting Upper Canada may be forwarded to this Board in
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reports complete cures from applications of potassium per
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vestigation of this college made some time ago was false in its
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head nausea and quick pulse. In larger doses instant insensi
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it is hardly surprising that his work is not widely known here.
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Blanchet reports on moderately advanced cases after
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amblyopia nystagmus abducens paralysis and tachycardia. The
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any effect or not. So long as the animal does not seem
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symptom is sterility with a too frequent or it may be per
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other class of individuals of the community who enjoy apparent good
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usually finds that the affection is of long standing
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a manner very.similar to himself and wlio liegan to
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Attendance at the lying in period also affords a valuable oppor
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posterior aorta an enlargement rather hard to the touch and
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Manufacturer Importer and Exporter of Surgical Instruments
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or tympanitic resonance Skoda s sign and the voice and breathing are
says that morphin in doses of X grain or less is without
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nated by the epithet bilious I have repeatedly had occasion
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sonal vaccines of staj hylococcic infections are chielly of inijxu tance
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piece of soft lint wrapped loosely round the toe. The pain from
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amount of the exudation between the chiasma and pons

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