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Original articles contributed exclusively to The Med

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organism affects the comb and forms on it whitish mouldy looking

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fat which took the place of the altered cellular pro

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Other causes are epidemic influences and those causes



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removed from the axilla. He returned to the hospital

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of such stomach trouble to be a chronically inflamed appendix.

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much lower death rate when attacked by smallpox than the

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portions of the liver may not have undergone amyloid degenera

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the muscles are more liable to cramp than in a robust

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several different cachexias due to malnutrition pre

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of acidity. I will now dissect off a portion of the

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has been said that there may be a regular succession

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medicine is absurd and its most intelligent advocates

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in human nature and many a man and boy likes to have his

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IVom the twentieth day after her admission she had a paroxysm

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The hematuria with its alternations lasts for months and years


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small amount of pus. After this the patient made a good

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cow the pedicle of the maternal cotyledon often parts and the

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cate the surrounding structures. This then I believe to be the

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