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not one of epithelioma. The slide under the microscope with ah due
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laise shortness of breath constipation scanty or absent
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seemed very ill. Distinctly laryngeal breathing and croupy
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has no tutorage it would grow up in ignorance if placed among savages
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tion angina pectoris. The results of hyopertonic con
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Assistant Surgeon to Woman s Hospital Obstetric Surgeon
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reinspection over pounds of meat and meat products which
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June has not yet subsided although it is apparently
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required but still sufficiently below the proper fig
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method of treatment but washing out of the peritoneal cavity
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always be found in these interstitial lesions until the
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Kaffir doctors and of course that by the ubiquitous quack. The two
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dation for near objects. Again inflammation of the eyelids and
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infections such as scarlet fever measles whooping cough
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of HCl was increased and the urine was scanty and alkaline in
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more and prove no more than the figures or facts they
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served in young bulls but most bulls are young. There
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vided however the integrity of the gland is preserved. Operations
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it is understood that in appai ently healthy persons albumin usually
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UNDER this head it is proposed to communicate as fully
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most charming books that ever were nTitten. Lively satirical
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interesting account of the disease in all its phases and we
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On examining this appendage during an attempt at deglu
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series of experiments. It is very much a discussion on things in
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dermatically the subsequent burning is easily borne.
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abdominal wall and suffers constriction of both its lingitudinal
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Treatment Change of scene out door life mental diversion
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cannot establish the diagnosis of gastric cancer affecting the cardiac end
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Very particular care must be exercised in the disinfection of substances
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is also a most excellent division.. All those diseases of the skin
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as the oesophagus tongue or tonsils. It generally occurs
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brings us to the beginning of our own era up to that
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If upon the introduction of the speculum the uterine neck be found
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solid tumour the second seven inches long by four or five wide
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has followed rupture of a gastric ulcer and of a liver
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The same remarks apply to bronchiectasic cavities and putrid bronchitis
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long as moral standards and health measures are in conflict. One
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Incised and lacerated wounds must be rendered aseptic by thorough cleans
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Professor of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics Visiting Physician to St. Mark s Hospital.
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is required in the early part of the disease that is
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Division of the Atlantic. And granted leave of absence
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ataxia that came under his ol servation. he obtained
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readily replaced but recurred immediately. Persistent diarrhoea
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measures from five to six millimetres in height. This osseous
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difficult Latin not easy to get at and still less easy
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it is Dead. I once was where a woman was in labour which
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at will accelerated by excising all corpora lutea or retarded by producing
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three years and about seven months. The total amount

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