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The first rule in the treatment of puerperal fever is

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projected operations has never entered the picture. Separate hospitalization is

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As to the treatment of the infected infant I have seen

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of arsenic and especially injections of cacodylate of soda as described in


trine and who were brave enough to undergo religious martyrdom for

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pulse which however in the terminal stages of the cachexia

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be out of health the disease intense and ventilation indifferent

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drugs which are known to have a beneficial effect in that disease.

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insisted on explaining the risk which the patient would run. Yet he

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certainly showed that calcium exerted some influence on

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may escape and an uncontrollable simple peroxidation

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ciate the great benefit derived from these combined properties.

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properly qualified for the exercise of the above profession

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of these patients are obsessed with the idea of operation and they invent

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gous to that of morbific agents put a stop to the alterations

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riglit ventricle are the tricuspid and semilunar valves the

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derived from the depletion. For these reasons I very rarely

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placed in his hands to the effect that the Medical and moral

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and vitality the inherent vitality of the individual

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cytes. Normal cerebrospinal fluid contains a small amount of sugar while

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a ready reception of Virchow s theory and time alone will

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oldest practising physician in years of service in Dorchester

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Treatment. The attack of pancreatic colic is to be relieved by morphine

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Diagnosis. It is often exceedingly difficult to determine the nature of

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crucible of liberal investigation its hereditary supersti

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unloading of oxygen from the oxyhemoglobin to the plasma is assisted

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causes an inflammatory process as a result of which the spaces

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complete anesthesia is accom gt anie l with slight stertor. Cyanosis and

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On the left is included a normal pelvic urethra urinary bladder

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of the views presented. Naming them in their order

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came about by adding fresh complement. The possible presence

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take place in a short and abrupt manner. Pulsus frequens and pulsus

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normal and immune sera is somewhat meager. Five menin

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own exju rience of tlies lt operations accords with that of Mr. Miles.

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and driven by the winds againft the bodies it is prefumed to fret.

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