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globinuria the object for the employment of dextrose was

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ternally some small doses of the hydriodate of potass with colchicum.

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lungs into the bronchia. In the first case adhesive inflammation

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this state. On the th day of March relator was graduated at the

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its borders. Soil moist with cold winters and warm summers. Aver

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fected si c there is a concomitant return of the muscular

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not to her bed at least to her room should from the first

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acetous fermentati oh indicated by flatulence and acid eructations. Copland.

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of polities personal matters and other extraneous subjects notwith

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se.xual organisation and holding no mean place in the scale

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Arbitrary rules for douching are accordingly unwise. It

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Council on Scientific Affairs that was approved by the Annual Meeting

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thology and reports satisfactory results in the Ber

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believes that most of the diseased ear conditions found in

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account of the punched out crusted ulcerative lesions it bears close

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appear to be actually separated from the main body representing

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cherch e des bibliophiles et se trouve sur un rayon particulier de cbaque

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of incorporated universities medical colleges and scientific and health lab

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in the forehead and temples. The disease was of three weeks

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had been followed by success in a case reported by Dr. F.

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