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them the people who sell them and the people who use them.

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indicate poor taste and either ill success or sporadic success.

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ers of prominence in both the legal and the medical

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was not flowly prepared. And this humour prevails not only in making the

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smaller branches to the choroid on their waj see Fig.

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An action remarkable for the amount and contrariety of

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Physiologists in directing so much of their attention to the investiga

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tions of injuries must form a subject worthy of the surgeon s first

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upper part of the posterior surface of shaft of fibula

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are most intense. It might readily be anticipated from the

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Rheumatism is a disease of such frequent occurrence so dis

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AchilliB and deep fascia. B. postgenualls exter na

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wax minutely accurate and naturally coloured exhib

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kept warm and comfortable nay even the much ridiculed church

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only for a brief period after which it yields again to the

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to the saturated material while I keep one electrode stationary for

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disappears subnormal temperature and all complications are

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measures. I forgot to state that from the commencement of

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water is effective against the great majority of the known viruses. Thus

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proven by a membranous exudation upon the true membranes

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severe as the original attack. Spreading may extend over a large

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ciculi on upper surface of ary cpiglotticus muscle.

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an operation for brain tumor there should develop an

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showed a predominance of Streptococcus viridans in the sputum. When

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speech do not run in identical grooves and if aphasia is con

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that we have to thank German investigators for a vast amount of

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a multitude of pitfalls laid for the one or two dozen

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teria in a certain number of leucocytes is counted

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cally at regular intervals in separate vessels and each speci

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