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and observation of separate cases yield more lt ertain

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muscular coat though otherwise intact was extremely

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I have never been able to get enthusiastic in the anti

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in the retina itself. In one case a partial loss of vision coincided

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has been affirmed indeed by Mr. Hill that in a properly constructed

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sweating occurs just as in a normal individual or if exercise is taken

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faculty and have publicly defended this dissertation and my theses to

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of the animals transmitting the virus. In addition to this strict

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thanks still while we regret that the veterinary profession is in

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result of these discoveries has been reduced more than

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old fashioned seton knife to which the seton is at

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erally rapidly lessens the discharge diminishes the

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reference to any desired symptom is obtainab e. Small quarto pp. Bound

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cerebro spinal meningitis diarrheal diseases whooping cough.

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five minutes. Put tiny piece of butter in bouillon cup

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probably by the action of the metabolic products. The

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what morbid custom exists among the Viennese of having

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This farm is underdrained everyvyhere the drains being arranged in

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Green makes the statement that the abdominal veins are the most easily

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Laurentius Eamsay HjTid Scotus. On the Influence of Vaccina

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only at irregular intervals. There had been lately something

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there was observed the elimination of lactic acid through the urine.

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with every micturition but it is more frequently noc

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forced down upon the tympanic membrane by unsuccess

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the movements of the costal borders in dogs and in human beings.

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better results obtained. B. Fraenkel of Berlin has pub

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minutes will not accomplish a perfect sterilization. Hence we see with

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Books taken out by Fellows of the Society previous to

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he used acetone hardening which gave deep penetration

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