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one passage in regard to treatment. In uncomplicated

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for the prevention of general peritonitis. The writer de

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cialists in the application of medicine to Canon law.

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tions likewise were without effect upon the opening of the sphincter.

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temperature or frozen have a decided inhibitory effect on

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Treatment. In most cases the foreign body can l e removed most

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At autopsy numerous metastases were found in the lungs and pleurae.

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conclusions for myself. Unluckily no case presented itself nor have

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ports be stationed where their ability can be used to the best

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year the course was again expanded this time to four

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treatment. The author divides scars into i flat. level

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other localities are appointing committees to draft ap

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Professor Hayem has resigned the Chair of Therapeu

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causes the indicator to return to its original position

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tion. A veteran of the imperial guard to mention another instance

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this may introduce larger errors than it attempts to average.

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Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine in the

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foetus the mother remaining free from the disease. He thought much

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a locality the neighbouring villages and towns should be in

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accessible to others in collecting a long series of well

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mated with movements. The latter is particularly no

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hashing is to disintegrate the fat thoroughly breaking up

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Gynecologist to the Eastern Michigan Asi htm Pontiac.

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disagree with hirn and he must have sufficient resolution to avoid

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without any apparent benefit. The patient was instructed

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posterior commissure which extends transversely between the thalami

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treatment should always be tried in ca.as where a patient is

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