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ous digitalin so called chloroformic contains as well as the digitoxin a
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the rubber tubing is attached. By this means constant
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the spinal cord and medulla oblongata near the anter
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There is considerable dispute as to the occurrence in dogs and other
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sider that so many diseases of a febrile character have
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nut and behind it another of similar character. The
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though more surgical it perhaps might with subsequent
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rations to the manifest advantage of the community.
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your opinion it has been necessary to use irrigation.
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cessful in bringing it up again into the tracheal wound.
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Jung Private Docent in Psychiatry University of Zurich.
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spoonfuls of cognac is a good remedy against night sweats that
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plex contains centers for the coordination of the muscles of the neck. The
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be a marked drop in the systolic and disastolic blood
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and volcanic eruptions etc. There the symptoms did not
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tion and fever soon disappeared and the young gentleman
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during preparation for operation. The first condition leads
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In July the Chief of Staff radioed the Commanding General USAFIA
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of its phases place the victims thereto within the bor
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Improved Elastic and Spring Crutches Stockings no lacing Knee and
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question can only be gained by an examination from all available
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sons must also be disembarked if possible and either be
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from the earliest times but the special system now com
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Occurrence. According to Osier all cases have occurred in family

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