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important vessels nerves and viscera the disturbances which it may

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ing incidents in Tennent s life of which he was cog

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exact amount of disease and if by extension or pressure it

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of the.American Pediatric Society the piesent vok me

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lodgings. Children in foundling hospitals and asylums are specially prone to

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branches and in addition are a little better medical practitioners than

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always occasion exactly the same chain of phenomena.

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sample copies of the case studies which we are getting

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that the tumor originates from these glands. That supposition

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parts of the same lung. There seems to be no direct trans

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The Phvsici.w s Visiting List Lindsay amp Blakiston s

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on the left side taking on a triangular shape with the

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of bacteria had a large number of subdivisions. Infec

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lective investigation made by the Therapeutic Section of

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Dr. Fox s that epitheliomas on the back of the hand

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Benjamin Godfrey reports four cases of this disease and be

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uterus and alteration of its shape I claim to have established

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sleep there were no motor disturbances or loss of power whatever

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Pressure only partly controlled it and there was still

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to clarify an obscure subject to advance knowledge

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of which is developed an embryonal worm small enough to pass through

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About the same time the right leg presented similar

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modifications in the sound of the heart and in the rhythm of the

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cal education. It had no monopoly of contribution to progress in this

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be present and associated with it hoarseness or aphonia are not uncommon.

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Haal found an increased excretion of uric acid and a decided increase

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farms and dairies from vaults cesspools and other sources or by

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ing by ordinarv stains but Gram negative its cultivation

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be noted that certain persons have regular and periodic

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ing transverse and occasionally semilunar incisions about

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empty all organs slightly congested. Meninges of the brain and

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always its onset is somewhat gradual. The patient first becomes aware

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course and no drug so strong as to curtail its hideous march

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