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The elder Larrey shows how far he carried the prin

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It is an old doctrine that bronchial hemorrhage may be causative of phthisis.

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the rule be followed to remove the appendi.x in very acute

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illustrations collected from every department of literature can do for a subject

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trolled not through the extrinsic nerves but by the nervous elements

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of the external branch of the sciatic trunk and the pain therefrom

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praised. It is not merely a collection of facts to be committed

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giene could be increased to perhaps sixty ounces per

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our common enemy disease he has fallen but not before he had done

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others published observations and works upon the Physiolo

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years among the emigrants to California has been the result chiefly

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this disease could be traced if we exclude rheumatic

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fixed and still more a volatile contagium. The second group on the

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