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tion of the extranuclear chromidia or idiochromidia in protozoa occurs
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looking. A few of the women had note books in their hands
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there was an occasional rise to. After January d the tempera
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instance the tumour was the size of a pigeon s egg. The
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Territory from the Falls to the Mississippi. This was adopted by the
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or third month of pregnancy if cystoscopy should then
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The lamb was not kept under observation during the night
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tion for the prolilcm of longevity is not to be de
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proverbial differing of doctors will not be exhibited in
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cal Inspection of Schools Tuberculosis In Its Various
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gan to pass small stones from the bladder. These were
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We make this appeal merely to prepare the way for an
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Eound worms inhabit the upper part of the bowels. They are
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ment of the natural powers thereby affording a successful
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reported on recommended doses but use caution in administering
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tlie gas into hv lar x intestines. The first injection should be
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This institution can serve as the model for the sys
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varieties are positively dangerous. Cow s milk cream and sugar
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condition of the kidneys was discovered concurrently
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tion to the bedside there were certain applications
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milk ducts are kept from over gorgement there can be no
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ing threads of cartilage and occasional sanguineous infiltration the sac
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erally forms real rings in the interior of the erythrocytes. Schaudinn
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in the decade ending December st writes to the following
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perhaps men without a tithe of his experience or ability men
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this case it attends a disease of insidious character the physical
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chemist the zoonic acid. Lastly the element of the blood by means of
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sented was that of a young boy who seven months ago
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for three days with more or less trigeminal neuralgia.
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further investigation. Lastly I may add that the properties
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ease but we may check its rapid development if we overcome
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confequently more forcible than that which ftuck about the parts
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judgment must be exercised in drawing conclusions because other sub
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infer what sometimes takes place in the walls of the
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symptoms of alalia or anarthria during life and this is ex
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extensive. Such partial atrophy is confined to one hemisphere
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the patient had rested fairly well and his condition
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account of the rigidity of the spasm of the masseter the
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comparatively empty. The principal symptoms of internal con
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Cripps that the sigmoidoscope was useless in the diagnosis
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most if not the onty characteristic attribute of mumps. The
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tilled water to which were added four to five drojjs
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ing out in a profuse perspiration and in a few hours seeming relieved
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injections of nitrate of silver and sulphate of zinc were used.

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