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presence might be desired at the field hospital. He

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of the disease have been capable of bearing children.

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wall was almost eroded through. In addition in the centre

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There is much general lassitude and weakness and usually

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of course there is absolute loss of muscular power and sense

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Trousseau says in substance maniacs sometimes evince

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importance should oe attached in this disease. First that the sole etiolog

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obtain the same results when he used opium itself but they

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November of the first annual meeting of the Association the

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found in its cavity. The ligaments were in a natural state. The

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sumed pancreas hormone has little or no direct con

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position in the machine appears to be when the brushes touch

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long continued pain loss of intelligence and muscular power

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possibly be due to air contamination during manipulation. The

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not to her bed at least to her room should from the first

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habit on farms. Horses cattle swine dogs and cats are

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After colic a good stomachic tonic is indicated. Atkins amp Durbrow s

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value except in distinguishing solid tumors from cysts of the jaw. The

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instructions could easily be sent to any veterinarian who wished

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intensity to give clinical evidence of its existence is almost invariably tccom

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describing cases of abnormal diphtheria gives the fol

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times so slight as not to confine the patient or occasion appre

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sent to the London School for Instruction in Tropical Diseases.

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While this catarrhal condition will be one of the first symptoms of

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cells from which the nerve fibre starts or else somewhere m the

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the nervous participation being secondary and the third as specific

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ment and described the character of hospital as affecting

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which it has become domiciled or from which it has only dis

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right eye was the first serious ocular inflammation

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fluid and gradually sank exhausted in the afternoon of the

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Specific Cause of Yellow Fever. Cryptococcus xanthogenicus

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yet do not represent fundamental units of structure but they may be

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The physiologic defects in the sexual organs result in their abnormal

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ing the tumor becomes dark blue and discolored the tumor which

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posure to the jr rays and CO snow treatment might not

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Daniel Defoe in his Memorials of the Great Pestilence in London in

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inguinal abscess operation about the fifth day. There was firm

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