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expiration a positive pressure of about the same degree. Although

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prolonged Intellectual exertion anxiety of luind hodily fatigu

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since the virus must evidently he in a weakened condition from con

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ber and broom flowers must be put into the decoction after

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as shown by Kelling s test has a distinct diagnostic

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the writer the impression that it is similar to any of

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dren who were otherwise hopeless a chance of improve

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by the famous expression coup sur coup is so eminently

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out their life in chains. Thousands of them were ex

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toxic agents the amount of nitrogenous excreta is much

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perhaps it might also excite contractions in the excretory bile ducts

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the white corpuscles while the red ones remained longer.

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It is with a great deal of pleasure that we recently looked over

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part time specialists more than doubled. The changes

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formed of pavement imperfectly joined. Hence fluid could easily

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space are to be performed the patient must hold the tongue depressor

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previous observers were only noticed in a small number

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cause of lithEemia the uratic tlyscrasia gout and allied

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ent with carcinomatous or simple gastric ulcer though not directly connected there

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obtained from much smsdler doses by exposing the sub

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other regions and can be distinguished from the others

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separated from the fiber. The reason cereal proteids

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velocity of the air current determine the quantity obtainable.

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of the inferior intercostal spaces a drooping of the shoulder

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ing point as a rule for anatomic reasons the bone and

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it was due to it. He however prescribed iodide of potassium

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metatarsal bone cannot be made out but there is a tender protuber

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constitutional states and gynecological conditions many

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single disorder and no more some devoting themselves to the eye others

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the uterus full of fungous growths. In this case he

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The solution of the oxalate calculi calls for similar treatment.

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eyes nose throat bronchial tubes and of the larynx tra

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