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undressed. The toes and the muscles of the entire foot
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the purulent infection might be more destructive of
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that practised by Gosselin or that by Morrell Mackenzie of London. The
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coccus aureus and albus. Numerous colonies of Streptococcus viridans and
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either directly or indirectly affects and weakens sympathetic life. I make
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One case of femoral hernia in a female operated upon in
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dysentery occurring in septic metritis in pregnant and puer
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than twenty years the Doctor was looked upon as one of the most
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paroxysm of cough returned which was frequently. Has taken all
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that subsequently all attempts to restore the parts to their
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towards establishing a corps of experts on insanity
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This volume contains thirteen articles on therapeu
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distilled and contains much amylic alcohol which is
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was red and tpdematous. Tenderness was present but no
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of the departments of medicine he thinks it the most inaccurate
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author has treated a series of cases with antipyrin.
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cases of udder infection the milk was virulent but he does not
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Tlie ureters come off from the anterior surface of the kidneys.
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skin may be also superficially scarified and the vaccine rubbed into the scratched
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paroXj sins of coughing may induce it. but their influence
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then one is not absolutely certain as proved by the
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cases originate in infancy because the victim is trained too early to have
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colon except about ten or twelve inches of its lower part and a
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that she has kept a box of grain tablets by her bed
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septic solution no case of pressure necrosis has oc
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sistent depression which affected the patient was very
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turbance is a common cause while peripheral or reflex irrita
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ptosis. After some rapid or violent movement there is a sudden accession
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This has become an effective organization in educating the
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exceedingly depressed by a person getting wet through and sitting
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fn gt m an unbroken surface the urine showing the characteristic sali
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obtain the success which is so dear to all lithotomists. I have traversed
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be controlled by positive galvanism at all events the re
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in the brains of the eminent pair referred to it may
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and gallic acid have long enjoyed a high reputation in this disease. The
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Dr. Sutton remarked that Dr. Grainger Stewart said that he had
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the enemy he captured Major Butler and found within
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nastic exercises to muscles not under control of the patient as one of
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calculable service to the hospital it also serves to
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panied by nymphomania. In fact this malady appears to be
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to be reached from the perineum a vaginal examination
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umbilicus or navel or any natural opening and is generally
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may actually curtail the inflammatory process in some moderate
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treating of anaemia as one of the diseases of the hjematopoietic system

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