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This society held a very successful meeting May at Catskill

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are so intimately associated that it will be discussed therewith but chronic

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plement the Fisher collection which we owe to the generosity of Dr. Kelly.

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with ulceration in the wall of the bronchus consequent upon secondary

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they are all bicipitous or double at their origin and

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applied by Trousseau to a modification in the vascu

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inhabitants of towns and cities in persons labouring under fever

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In every instance where Sow cxWue is used a physician secures

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day ranked among the most eminent of the Faculty in

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of typhoid fever were more frequent. Morse reports four cases of

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without regaining consciousness. There was no failure

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and votary of the science of medicine in this countrj and abroad.

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up by a piece of periosteum. British and Foreign Medico

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are very likely to acquire the disease not through heredity but

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a short period of observation end of eleventh week proves nothing

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Moved by Dr. Lafleur seconded by Dr. Pelletier and carried

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first acute may sometimes change in its further course and be

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