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tiles and fishes and a complete collection of models of ambulances litters

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disease that was kept under observation for a long time at

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termination of acidosis that occurs with the nephritic

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subject of the lecture was Typhoid Fever in Infants

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Deprived of his place on account of his loyalty to the Colonies he

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possesses neither visible fibres vessels or nerves but is in itself

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transient hypersemia or in more severe cases an attack of purulent laby

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the treatment of corneal opacities by the continuous current.

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color resembling the urine of hysterical females. This resemblance extended

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ters there being thus less danger of slipping than if

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present but also of localising the seat of its origin.

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therefore presumably impartial. Now if a man acts as

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In all cases the toilet of the diseased parts should be

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his promise in his messages to the entire empire. Various

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quarters of a year and prevent a fistula in another

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lowed me through every lane of life ancestral and individual

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acquire dexterity in the technique so that special cases might

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urine depending upon excessive irritability of the bladder. In these

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any serious interference with respiration. The tracheotomy was

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the left that indeed there were two crystals apparently

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removed through the stomach from the perigastric tissue

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to which he wished to call attention were taken from the

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the patient leave the hospital without the knowledge

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plishes this desired object safely and effectually acting as a sedative to

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at this time to offer the following first class and very valuable

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lives in Buffalo and his widow and a daughter live in Toronto.

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Encysted dropsy of the pleura sinulating in its course

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partial decomposition of the latter resulting in a reddish or

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these regions cut into pieces which would lie flat. These pieces were

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marginated ulcers with a smooth translucent gray or yellow base. As is

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amebas and Trichomonas hominis administered per mouth

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first there were signs of intracranial pressure. For the first four years only

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liver in the intestines and mesenteric glands in the kidneys in the serous

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It may be observed finally that both forms of ophthalmia are

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tuberculosis. If the pathology and clinical factors

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