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the man to start on a career of total abstinence with

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night vision and dark adaptation tests ocular injuries and various aspects of

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examination made with the pelvis elevated under anaesthesia is essen

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does not manifest itself with equal force in all cases

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the judgment of the operating surgeon and it sometimes cannot be

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surface in the course of the week also that from thirty to

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usually without obvious cause and is in all probability

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knowledge of the causes. In small pox cases the au

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may be assumed that they had been exposed to influenza and other

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palpebrarum. The lumbar pains are increased by walking and diminished

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for the first time a distinct convulsive fit with unconscious

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right and left lung and contain numberless little bladders

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vessels but in reality closed by a continuous layer of endothelial cells.

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ing principle incessantly watching over the harmony of the functions

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carpine is a valuable stimulant to glandular activity

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to uterine irritation. In the convulsion connected with men

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tion of the organ and soon secretion ceases entirely as

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compared with those found in the blood of chronic leukemia. The case

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