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phine rest in bed and ice bag to the epigastrium. On
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ing enema may be given two three or four times daily
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reduction in the mass and slipping of the ligatures. The
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were applied to the diseased parts they merely caused
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tive unimportance but manifestly because of a lack of
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stagnation and Oppler Boas bacilli or lactic acid are
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while in poliomyelitis the number is increased all the way from sixteen to
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During the summer weather a blanket of warm and hence light
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In the treatment following a diagnosis of lameness there is a
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cholera which finds in Lower Bengal and some other places the conditions
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alone be responsible for the conversion of ammonia into urea.
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A similar occurrence took place at Dunkirk and the treatment
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raised above the rose red mucous membrane surrounding them.
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anatomical study is that concerning the distribution of
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lower end of the vas deferens coloured red is normal.
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from which they may be distinguished by noting that in calculus the flow
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struction and been followed later by restoration of the
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as we get a greater sedative and astringent action. The large enemas as
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with icterus. We may suppose that in these cases a poison
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acid differing from the str chnine precipitates in that
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nothing sufficed short of the removal of the hemor
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using his rectal touch to retain the foreign body in
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in the body that sweating feet need no longer be feared.
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movable rather than because they interfered with the pa
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erratic behavior of the joint affections in rheumatic
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afibrds the reason why horses so feeding lose flesh and be
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cal Association. He was one of five physicians elected to a
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picture of syringomyelia had been well known quite a
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emaciated state and finally succumbed to chronic pytemia with second
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Chronic Pericholecystic Adhesions. Adhesions are frequently encountered
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birth. The baby began to vomit two weeks after birth.
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suitable field for women of the highest culture and
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bringing the ends through the mouth and tying them over the upper lip.
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a period of years. The active treatment of this con
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man without ill effect as showing that the individual was less sus
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