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dinner that the medical profession of Great Britain

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tions of sight and hearing. These may progress to profound depression and

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in the accompanying descriptions that any of the figures

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retina and vitreous and characterized by a peculiar yellowish exuda

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were able to pay. We paid the specialist for doing tonsil cases.

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change in the swelling amp c. complains of numbness extending

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perature is observed. The body cools slowly. Decomposition occurs

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marked oedema the pseudopapillary tissue enormously

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Tuberculous infection is frequently observed in other organs.

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B. urinariusj has been observed in freshly discharged

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than other parts of the brain. The authors conclude that by

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Those portions of the act regulating the practice of

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Crepitus of the articular surfaces and cutaneous eruptions are in general

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will find it a rather singular one and difficult of belief

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slime the endometrium when uncovered appearing as a

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to forget while earnestly studying there what they owed to

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Ever since this injury she had noticed a swelling over the


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quickly becomes a bolter and soon complains if it must chew a crust.

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Entered according to the Act of Congress in the year by

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hands and feet extending in slight degree up to the knees

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poor districts where it was impossible to obtain as com

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supply of rice dates and ghee rancid butter an enor

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daily and it will be seen at once that unless other

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the least so are the continued and especially those of a con

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the Zygomatic process or superior maxillary bone near the

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nilk men delivering railK ut houses. This chart was made

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natural affection or again there may be simply unac

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indicates the H ion concentration in the dialysate. The tints produced

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sulphate of magnesia treatment is sometimes very successful. I

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affect no other part than the biliary system. Therefore diseases

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of medicine to a conversation party held at his house

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pirations are frequent and irregular the urine shows the

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ous nerves in fact no subjective symptoms save a slight

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the uterine cavity which i liable to lie produced by re

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