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soil manures and water it is also present in the air passages and

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a first attack of Dermatitis herpetiformis the diagnosis may well be im

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these exist as in the nasal and throat cavities pro

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ditions of shock or temporarily lowered vitality in giving

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writers. The term Rheumatoid Arthritis was applied to this disease

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tion at Bellevue Hospital with all the classical symptoms of

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H. E. Bemis Ames Iowa Distribution of the Median Nerve and the

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Rosenberger Poet Vincent C. Moyer Prophet Thomas J.

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This is another excellent reason why rder Xo. i gt was so badly

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medical advisers. He was also supposed to be suffering from

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thirteenth edition is a great improvement upon former

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our author obferved it which feemed a common canal

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to the surface of the water and indeed the Indians of Lala

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duced somewhat similar changes in the granules of vital staining.

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found great benefit from gargling tlic throat after the

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the individual carefully regulating so far as is possi

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with without any elevation of temperature whatever.

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which do not coagulate milk although they change the color of the

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Will prove more particularly difficult to vulgar cheats or adulterators of

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cases of hemorrhage he believes in curettmg the interior

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of accident and injury especially where there is liability

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