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soda is absorbed into the blood. Also if introduced into

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organization in the subcutaneous method. This method consists in

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tion for necrosis of the lower end of the tibia. The

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The time spent abroad by Canadian graduates varies from a

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peripheral end of the hypoglossus with the central end of the lingual

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of cartilage and the resorption of bone were normal. In contrast

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shown in one case calcium and magnesium phosphates

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poisoning in a tobacco stemmery one a girl aged nine years who

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subject. He tested the value of the Yersin Roux serum supplied

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We quote the following from a description of digestion in the

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partial relief until December th when a severe attack occurred. The

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us new and valuable sources of knowledge. These words appropriately intro

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distomes or their ova. Since reading Yamagiwa s paper I am still

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liable to set free in considerable quantity many different gases.

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Hickman Robert Othello A.B. University of Utah Utah

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observed the sugjir fall to grains for the twenty four

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manner are yet too recent to admit of an opinion as regards

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this section and no vessel shall be granted clearance

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abrasion in their neighbourhood assumes the characters of

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of ginger Essence of ginger zingih.. x spirit recti

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from an external point of view have begun to provide

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Dr. Sweet followed with a lecture on the ductless glands in sur

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volved the tendon of the triceps muscle. He had very large nodes on

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pose of inspecting and reporting upon the system of

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together with abstracts of the same must be sent to the

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a certain amount of anasarca rcsent. not marked Imt

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liquor probably because he had seen the evil effects of

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blepharospasm in which case there is constant rapid quick action of the

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fibers. It is hypothosized that these were branches from the ventral

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larged prostate. He considers that the operation will give comfort

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