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membrane of this joint with the tarsal articulations and

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counted for by the fact that vaginal examinations are

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however surgeons are doubtful of the value of surgical intervention in en

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hydrocephalus acting upon the theory that the distention

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the attendance of the President of the Eoyal Society

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gentlemen having undergone the necessary Examination

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rile heart. This conclusion is strengthened by finding that the pulse

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is usually affected. With involvement of the cervical lumbar or sacral gang

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Ottawa Wat lt r In order to study the influence ol the towm

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which there is a large kyphos ankylosis and abscess it

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remedies given in excessive doses and imperfectly ehminated by the diseased

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face not to do injury to the eyes. The brow presentation

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sented extensive fatty degeneration at the level of the sixth dorsal

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box of sexual pills or uterine regulators whichever

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mistaken. It has thus been treated for gastric fever

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which appear as pale yellow rounded raised areas. When the outer

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once commenced. Mr. Morgan has made an additional gift of two city

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actively at work all glands become swollen and com

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a cheap and safe means of applying cold to all perishable articles of

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through the kidneys as for example urea. One of the best examples of

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