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and there evidently is no dissatisfaction coming for am getting my share

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to day. Tongue moist sordes disappearing from her teeth

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by others. This assumption considered as being true ex

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one passage in regard to treatment. In uncomplicated

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nosis and edema. If the disease is of long standing

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symptomatic are curable if the cause can be removed. Death is seldom

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greater help from these than in taking drugs because by

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in infants in whom there is cachexia or extreme emaciation.

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percussion the miasmatic and melancholic aspect of the patients and

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bcr th she had a slight chill while still in bed in

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the internal administration of bromid strontium are available thera

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the disease.. Its absence from the fifth to the ninth

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more often a terrible cry or low gurgling groan is emitted and the

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attention of the parents partly because the habit of

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torily accomplished without it. The surgical value of

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determine the state of the motor functions and of the absorption

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tions are highly suggestive it must be remembered how ever

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dose of tuberculin was rather larger than was necessary for most of the

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and is reasonably related to the operation of a hospital.

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of which he maps out the outlines of abdominal tumors.

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published two years ago. Since that time it has been employed in

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shows the unfortunate fact that in that country it is not

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According to some observers there seems to be a relative immu

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drawn in one or two days or as soon as complete closure of

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Diagnosis. The ilistinction from iemorrbae iuto tb conl or mem

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jerks were noted as present during the first twenty

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the etiology of hog cholera the immunization exi eriments were directed against

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Dr. Friend s case gained eleven and three quarters inches in one

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Treatment. A mild sprain may be treated by wrapping adhesive

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tact without intervening connective tissue restora

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schools by other ceremonies such as distribution of

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a serous or purulent effusion whieh sometimes simu

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The Chinese Their Present and Fature Medical Political and

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sounder grounds and it is difficult to see how they are strengthened

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case silk. After passing a finger through the cervix

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progress could be produced or hastened by over feeding

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Treatment. In most cases the foreign body can l e removed most

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Minnesota and North Dakota have all but forty eight of them.

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result of an attempt of adapting the boiling point of an

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ity. He lost many members of his family by consumption

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sloughy. A piece of oiled Imt was passed into the opening

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sufficient food or under anxiety and mental depression. But the

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