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soft palate third division of uvula velum palatine hone

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cause of the hardness. This test is equally successful whether

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the cerebrospinal system as a later development of the

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blance was still closer in that they consisted of mucin

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began to fall. In this case the infection was traced

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landing denoted the presence of wounded crew members aboard planes

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symptom the tumor being so situated that it presses only upon the

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tractive and in this I am inclined to believe the active

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Most medical officers removed cerumen along with other debris. Philpott and

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eral disuse of active cathartic medicines in the early

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moderate force. The importance of these conclusions

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were cut m in thickness and mounted in series. Six sagittal

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for thirty six weeks an inspector might examine ap

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of scrofula and that the local treatment must always be accom

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yet he had met with it in other cases. Five cases were

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organ svill be felt if it be enlarged. It is impossible

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Another practice which is more reprehensible is this A

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vere. At times it has been mistaken for a perforated

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munity lasting only from to weeks and therefore their

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organs is very interesting and is becoming well known as far as certain

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over on the left side. In the median line there was a

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wifery in this province to be a board whereof any three to be

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the phenomena observed in collected cases. I will quote his de

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enteric fever was recognized as a distinct disease and more particularly

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us and thai the following remarks on the subjecl by Mr. Leathern can

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lin while it is not observed apparently with potassium

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Since that time the material has been used in the treatment of

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cocci closely resembling the streptococcus pyogenes were found

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diate effects whereas we are now considering the later effects. The im

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borne in mind however that this is a very inefficient

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which occurred in the thirty eight months ending De

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and fell in with a friend of his a physician to whom

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