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to laser treatment varies. Accordingly a one centimeter in

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nine degrees below that of the others. At San Diego

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of pleuritis the constitutional effect of mercury will fail in

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from the plan last of all described viz. that of cross scratch or

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operate with particularly in intestinal operations

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in the minute he was duected to have half an omiee of

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tition phimosis and acute middle car inflammation in

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out the land before tlic beginning of the malaria sea

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regular intervals and with great severity. The only

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ills that flesh is heir to. The British Medical Journal.

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He must value above all things a sound and thorough familiarity with

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ture to that covering the heart and lining the pericardium

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tending even throughout the cord. The motor roots are atrophied and

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from the monthly reportsof the native vaccinators a general monthly

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himself at Thornhill on Yonge Street. Here he began the

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quire a dull heavy look and are bloated or they are emaciated

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dissolved in a pint of warm water arid this solution contained in a

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two inches to the right of the middle line just below

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canal being sometimes simple rectitis and then involving

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the results observed in barely one hundred cases on which re

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In the last group of cases incisions will relieve ten

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in which the use of mild laxatives together with en

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irritation is avoided and an opportunity offered for the

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two to three hours. The distress as a rule does not

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many other causes and therefore may have no connection with

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production of myopia. It has been set forth that in new countries

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no pride to incline them to cover up ancestral failings so widely variant

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That the organ is invariably enlarged in toxaemia apart from the

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hyperplasia of the spleen mostly of malarial origin the

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intermittently ill. Should gallstones be passed by the bowel one must

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the lung. The right lung was in its whole extent adherent to the

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