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the ileopectineal prominence for passage of femoral
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however that the left side of her tongue seems sHghtly paralyzed.
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ing shock usually of the nature of burial by a mine
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curs every year epidemically in numerous rural locali
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tina simplex and recovered. A friend Mr. C who was very
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The following is the case of eclampsia in which this prac
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tion in the early stage Stops Sea sickness Prevents Apo
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not only constipates by the action of the astringent
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termed by Mr. Hey fungus h ematodes. He has also appended
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I especially the case in tic douloureux sciatica and
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hepatic artery entering the liver with the vena porta
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the treatment of corneal opacities by the continuous current.
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high destiny of our national profession. They are de
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portance should not be attached to averages because the excep
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tired vision amblyopia and double vision diplopia occur not infre
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following surgical operation in which antipyrin in thirty
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are made is used for commercial purposes and furnishes
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doctrines tbe darling theories of speculators and then so far from
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this is the time in which to make all necessary prepa
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look for the same clearness found in the usual diagram. All micro
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the movements of the arm although unable as yet to perform
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A parasitic disease affecting the beard characterized by
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t ing his sleep perhaps every twenty or thirty minutes
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And the stars never rise hut I feel the bright eyes
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Co existent emphysema should be treated according to the principles laid
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a rayed twice and found to show bony outgrowths. She
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lumbar vertebra with the intervertebral substance. Inser
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side that of trismus emphasize the necessity for the
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sympathetically communicated to the sound side. Occasionally.
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facts is necessary so that with this knowledge an appeal may be
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most successful methods of treatment and the rules are embodied in
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the gastric w all brought about most probably by exposure dis

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