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at Elmore Victoria died suddenly and the body was found to be
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households for definite periods. This stall seems a
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thymus. In the cases which reacted to thymus the patients were
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not follow the course of true gonorrhea the urethra
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hands and shoulders there was moderate perspiration but little fever.
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finally turned the sentiment in favor of Lane. Friends of both candi
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Weinberg and Seguin lace five anaerobes in the following order
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to the amount of salt in the diet. A very considerable retention of
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and dispose of it cutting these leeches completely aloof from us exix
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ments have been recorded in this branch of surgery
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Austria succeeded in finding them in all the cases they investigated
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tion of the middle with the anterior third. Th articular cartilage
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ment regarding the medical service of the Lowland Division.
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Mixed Sclerodermia. H. Radcliffe Crocker British Journal of Der
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inal viscera. Thus Curie says that the oscillations of the vessel
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with the narcotic or anaesthetic effect of the chloroform
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frequency of application must be gradually reduced over a period
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unboiled milk and water. Bacteriological study of the stools last sufnmer
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one hundred years contained in his private collection of
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enzymes. Further evidence for nervous control of the secretion of intes
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Sierra Madre ViUa a delightful abiding place for the

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