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power the sufferer lay as if in a deep sleep and died without

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present. He took exception to Dr. Donnally s statement

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was under the influence of belladonna poisoning she

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the corpus luteum including its cystic state which can modify its

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New York Hospital by Darrach in and is an excellent procedure tc

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statements which might reduce the value of or render

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nearly twenty per cent almost immediately after opera


apparently healthy children and that syphilitic subjects

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of c olfactory nerves give Nux vomica or Sepia. If from catarrh


ExciTiNo Causes. The disease frequently declares itself without

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The acute feverish condition of the child the continuously difficult long

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I shall content myself with recapitulating a few of the facts on


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weight properties and name several of the preparations

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been acquired. A bacterial cause has been definitely ruled out and

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University the doctor s degree in philosophy was conferred on a lady.

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