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ents abroad it is sufficient to mention llauy and Jameson.

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of alum or two percent tannic acid solutions are also useful. While the

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readers from serious consideration of Mrs. Eddy s teachings as

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autacoids having to do with the development of the skeletal and other

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established a very probable causal relation between syphilis and

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a trace of investing epithelium. Yet the latter has by

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but the antitoxin is contained in the blood serum and it can be

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twin was almost invariably the first to be born Xos.

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to procure and its delivery was long delayed. The initial shop equipment such

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senile epilepsy is tractable. In general the earlier a case

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With a full appreciation of the fact that within a given space no

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apply the evidences of local chronic irritation in the

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of the belly which soon swelled enormously afterwards he fell

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sudden symptoms of fa cal extravasation were equally difficult

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At the autopsy the stomach was found to be normal as

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malady has run its course and lesions of the pharyngo

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suggested that the Transvaal Medical Society should

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mental impression which was forgotten after correction had

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