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No tubercle bacilli were demonstrable in the sputum on several ditler

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tion has suggested and of correcting the errors into which it

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by a crisis but where while the fever slowly disappears

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authors as a common prodromic symptom but according to the

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is disturbed then the patient is usually acutely conscious

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Most of the fatal cases of typhus at present die of cerebral

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capillaries on the surface. It was a remarkable case of

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integument with exaggeration of the natural folds and furrows aggra

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perhaps also explain the increased rapidity of their growth after exentera

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vomiting had been present one day and pains in the calves of the

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She could not turn in bed without first raising her body

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With Dr Philip s statement about direct infection to the lung

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peared to him to be found in the intrathoracic separa

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of the vertebrae. After Holden. Opposite th cervical spine apex of

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time the plant was supposed to contain no alkaloid but in

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the protrusion being forward and outward and the eye

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b rintense porsroinySnd die in twenty f LU jboJ hir

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often causes a start of the entire body. Although perhaps increased in

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