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effects if it strikes a hard bone but passes clean through
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four possibilities which we shall represent as fol
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hepatic artery must be left undecided for the present.
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enth to twelfth day. During the second week the tempera
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roots of the nerves where they emerge from the spinal column. I spoke
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back as far as the preceutral sulcus. Tumors extend
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ing over solid tissues which do not contain air. As the most
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the ends of the bones and the wound sutured. The result
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for knowledge was so strong coupled with an ambition
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nally closed his earthly career on the st of March last.
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by year those painful lists of applicants for our various charities
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matters not how brief its duration indicates abolition of function of the
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ease the etiology of sarcomata may be more readily linked with some cause
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may have arisen from the general ignorance as to the cause of
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schauung von dem metallalmlichen Verhalten von Phasen
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