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tion. The results of gastrojejunostomy in this con
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that in a return to rational treatment they would con
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in the middle between the two poles. The cooking of
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mained high. He also administered the drug by giving
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and singular origin. The subject of this notice the me
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the South African Association not clashing with the
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because the patient was deported after a few days in
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may be cited as examples in part at least. In others severe disturbances
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seat of ailment it draws the corruption to that part.
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however that this was an error as not less than one thousand of
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woman to recover speedily from a condition which un
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Barwell also states that innominate aneurism involving the aorta presents the
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duction is naturally suggested by the first glance at the extensive
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of the functions of glands coincides nith the acceleration of
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the instrument and withdrawing the regulating cylinder to a distance
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ists hemiplegia may be an early and positive sign. The eir
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years in which University residence is not required.
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surgeon could not do good work particularly in abdomi
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quite short and coccus like. The unequal staining depends upon the
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be usefully recommended every second or third night for a few times.
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are carried on was planned and designed by the Hon. Dr. Oron
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depression lying between the outer border of the first
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Worichouse has been the object of considerable discussion during several
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subject appeared in the d and th volumes of the work last
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skin. There were no difficulties encountered in the
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since as much as per cent of the total nitrogen excreted is sometimes
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that he can neither sell another adult nor his child
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the surgical care of inguinal hernia in the male and in the
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cease as soon as the power of transformation is exhausted. The
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fast bacilli are frequently present in the urine of tuber
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The hospital staff has been so overburdened with work
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residence was that he might thereby secure better advantages
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ever its exciting causes may be whether a mechanical chemical
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which simulate at first traumatism and the mare receives a
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compression of arteries by which the artery was to be compressed
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elapsed when the test was made. In the second case it
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recommended The astringent The purgative The emetic The
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proper had declared itself but as there have been preserved
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structures the skin and peritoneum should be approximated with
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pancreas was involved in the perigastric adhesions. In these
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curred in the eyes except slight conjunctivitis during the

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