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In other cases the acute s anptoms of an intestinal affection
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and as their objection consisted simply in unwillingness to have the
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be fever. On admission there was marked mental hebetude decided
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centa proevia which I attended along with Dr. Macfarlane of Pol
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operation or for the closure of a fecal fistula. There
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worked with this gentleman off and on for seven years this subject is
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guinal liernia for the reason that they have i racti
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idly but in every case their further progress is slow. Disappearance of
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to receive sufficient encouragement to justify its completion and publica
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diminished and the maculae constituted a prominent feature in
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account be suffered to become dry. The jacket and flannel should be
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even under these circumstances the respirations should
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found while the other was supposed to have been lost. On
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No portions of the worm were passed. She was let alone until
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in a Ijoy five or six years old which he had exhibited
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discharge of urine. The same frequent micturation results too from direct
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Instead of dealing with broad general principles it is full
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envy the writer s faith in many of the drugs recommended. Many of
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the mastoid antrum. The two first are considered of most clinical import

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