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of the kidney. Emphysema gout rheumatism syphilis rick

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lai ge. He showed too that it was in the combination of

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untrained persons and that living on a vegetarian diet does not funda

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parts of the uterus and myomatous tissue gradually getting higher and

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together with Guaiacum Sepia Stannum Btaphysagria Acidum phos

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lation the neighbouring lymphatic glands became enlarged

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On making a posl morlem examination the whole of the

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pelvis which covers its atrophied extremity like an


ish and thick indicates deficiency of constitutional vigor especially in the

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of an ol stiuate stricture and in another case of com

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many of his arguments based upon well observed facts.

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A list of society meetings ia herewith published. This list will

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formula appropriate to the age of the infant. These

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chloric acid ten minutes in one drachm of a reliable es

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being an inevitable is a rare sequel of syphilis. A

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with certain problems and conflicts. If we recognize

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be proportioned so that the body would not be overfed

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in many of them one or both parents were addicted to

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which had come from little wounds inflicted by shaving

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a common accident however and is usually the result of

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only just perceptibly raised above the surface. The redness disappears

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traumatic from insufficient care being taken during the

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night his eyes became so painful as to prevent sleep.

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head. If this is not present the treatment must be repeated.

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tinal peristalsis we are able most probably to explain

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could be found to correspond with the increased nitro

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Mr. Rockcliffe who has had previous experience in the consideration of this

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lic interest in securing in this city a meat inspection ordinance

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anteflexed but it possessed that disagreeable feature that the uterus

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try the same therapeutic measure in asthma. The patient was given

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