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manent glass canula introduced into the papilla through

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diagnosis and the surgical treatment by removal of the offend

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light kidney and only exceptionally into the inferior vena cava

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amined without disturbing the position of the instrument. Is ac

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is probable that during this latter period he returned

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frequently useful and important and convey valuable instruc

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Dr. Kreug observes that cases are alw.ays being met with in which artificial

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speakers had indorsed the extra peritoneal route. His

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receives the pressure of the boot while amputation

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the same time there was the potential problem of whether The Surgeon

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the understanding of.the opposite sex who have known them so

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elitis Dr. Flexner said that the indications were that the

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rocks the primitive rocks the one derived front the ordi

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Rlx Samuel B. Zwart Kci River South Africa on December

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when the sexual instinct is denied its natural expres

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heart sounds were rapid and feeble but there were no murmurs

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We approve of the inclusion of the skiagrams showing the

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is missing. What it does is to stimulate the bone mar

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in reviewing our entire labor the following questions arise for con

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injury has been done it. Give plenty of salt and the pre

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have been noted Appendicitis three times perityphlitis and para

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fund or to some special object as building research Hbrary pathology hospital

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manner in which it is exerted for while it may not exceed

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drawn from the direction of the lateral sinus. A pair of

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the gravity of the disease for which it is undertaken the

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tion and afterward restored to activity the duration of the congela

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Act of striking with amazement or sudden prostration

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houses of the West. He referred to the risks incurred by

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Several other preparations of iodine are made by the

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Italian medical schools acting largely under the inspiration of

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lost health. I have known glucosuric individuals who during the

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finger is placed on it. During the giving of chloroform keep

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with the speculum and as soon as matter has formed shown by the

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